DANTES VISION Exhibition, June 8, 2011 February 18, 2012, Vienna

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On June 7, 2011, Dom- und Diözesanmuseum, Vienna, opened the DANTES VISION Exhibition based on the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri (1265–1321). The Exhibition presents paintings of artists of the 20th – 21st centuries: German artist and graphic artist Theodor Zeller (1900–1986), Russian painter Valery Kharitonov (*1939), American sculptor and designer Roger Roberts (*1952), Austrian artist and graphic artist Robert Hammerstiel (*1933), South Tyrolean artist Markus Vallazza (*1936), etc.

Most Reverend CardinalChristophSchönborntook part in the opening ceremony.

The Exhibition will be open till February 18, 2012.

The participation of artist Valery Kharitonov was arranged with the assistance of ALLRUS Gallery. The DANTES VISION Exhibition presents 7 of his paintings: 4 paintings from the Inferno series, 2 – from the Purgatorio series and 1 – from the Paradiso series. Here you can see all seven paintings of V. Kharitonov presented at the Exhibition by clicking on small images to open their enlarged views in the following list.

The paintings of Valery Kharitonov from the Exhibition "DANTES VISION":


1. Worthless. The Vestibule of Hell.1987. Fiberboard, oil. 120 80 cm

2. Tyrants and murderers (7th circle, 1st ring). 1987. Fiberboard, oil. 120 80 cm

3. Suicides (7th circle, 2nd ring). 1987. Fiberboard, oil. 120 80 cm

4. Betrayers (9th circle). 1987. Fiberboard, oil. 120 80 cm


1. Arrogant (1st circle). 2004. Cardboard, oil. 104 74 cm

2. Depressed (4th circle). 2004. Cardboard, oil. 104 74 cm


The Paradise Song. 1993. Canvas, oil. 140 140cm

You can read the article “Russian spirit and Dante in the contemporary art” written by Laila Dandachi, Dom- und Diözesanmuseum museum expert, and describing the creative work of Valery Kharitonov in Russian or German by clicking onarticle in Russianorarticle in German.

Images from the opening ceremony of the Exhibition "DANTES VISION":

The Director of the Vienna‘s Cathedral and Diocesan Museum Mr. Bernhard Boehler,
the Russian artist Valery Kharitonov, the Austrian Cardinal of the Catholic Church Christoph Schoenborn
and the Director of Allrus Gallery Roman Fedchin (from left to right).

The artist Valery Kharitonov is giving an interview to the Austrian television channel ORF.

Roman Fedchin with the Austrian artist Ernest Fuchs, the associate of Salvador Dali and the dynast of Fuchs-artists.

Other images of the Exhibition can be found by clicking Image Gallery – Images from exhibitions – Dantes Vision Exhibition or by clickingon the link.

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